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written by Douglas Hall

Phaidon Press | ISBN 9780714827308

Paperback – 126 pages

Part of the Colour Library series.


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Few artists of this century have exercised so wide an influence as Paul Klee (1879-1940). He was one of the most inventive and prolific of the modern masters, working in a dozen different styles, each of which he made uniquely his own, so that a work from his brush is unmistakable in any style. The forty-eight full-page colour plates in this book illustrate the unparalleled way in which he combined unrivalled imaginative gifts with supreme technical and formal proficiency, from the playfulness of such early pictures as "Red and White Domes" to the more threatening, bitter satire of the later work.

Acompanying the plates are extensive notes and an authoritative introduction, which discusses Klee's life and the development of his thought and achievement.

Includes 80 illustrations, 51 in colour.

Artist: Paul Klee

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