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Out of Australia Prints and Drawings from Sidney Nolan to Rover Thomas

written by Stephen Coppel

British Museum Press | ISBN 9780714126722

Paperback – 240 pages


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This ground-breaking book follows the rise of a distinctive school of Australian art that first emerged in the 1940s. Beginning with the artists of the Angry Penguins movement, Arthur Boyd, Albert Tucker, Joy Hester and Sidney Nolan, whose work exhibited a new strain of surrealism and expressionism, the book continues with the rich variety of 1970s work by Jan Seberg, Robert Jacks and George Baldessin, moving through to contemporary artists such as Rover Thomas and Judy Watson. Stephen Coppel traces the major developments in Australian art from the 1940s to the present day, and examines the significant interplay with the British art scene. This book will include a substantial essay outlining the major developments in Australian art since the 1940s, the reception of Australian art in Britain and the recent rise of Aboriginal printmaking. It will feature 127 works by 61 artists, and include concise artists biographies and individual commentaries on the works.

Artist: Sidney Nolan

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