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Penguin by Design a Cover Story 1935 to 2005

written by Phil Baines

Penguin Books Ltd | ISBN 9780713998399

Paperback – 256 pages


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Ever since the creation of the first Penguin paperbacks in 1935, their jackets have become a constantly evolving part of Britain's culture and design history. Rich with stunning illustrations and filled with detail of individual titles, designers and even the changing size and shape of the Penguin logo itself, this book shows how covers become design classics.

By looking back at seventy years of Penguin paperbacks, Phil Baines charts the development of British publishing, book cover design and the role of artists and designers in creating and defining the Penguin look. Coupling in-depth analysis of designers – from Jan Tschichold to Romek Marber – with a wide-ranging look at the range of series and titles published – from early Penguins and Pelicans, to wartime Specials, fiction and reference, this is a distinctive picture of how Penguin has consistently established its identity through its covers, influenced by – and influencing – the wider development of graphic design and the changing fashions in typography, photography, illustration or printing techniques.

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