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Hybrid Prints

Printmaking Handbook

written by Megan Fishpool

A & C Black Publishing | ISBN 9780713686500

Paperback – 144 pages


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This book reveals the secrets of hybrid and combination techniques. Combined techniques are often used by printmakers as tricky ways of achieving particular results, and then not fully acknowledged or detailed in the information that accompanies the print when it is exhibited. Combination printmaking has a long history, but the explosion of media now available to printmakers has opened up many new possibilities. Learning the techniques associated with creating hybrid prints is, at the moment, a case of trial-and-error for most printmakers, unless they are lucky enough to have a tame and generous printmaking friend who will share their secrets; most printmakers closely guard the secrets of how they make their unique prints. This book will explain a lot of these 'secret' methods and techniques.

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