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Before Time Today

Reinventing Tradition in Aurukun Aboriginal Art

written by Sally Butler

University of Queensland Press | ISBN 9780702238581

Paperback – 160 pages

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The complexity of Aurukun art is approached through a breadth of scholarship in anthropology, art history and curatorship, enriched by the wisdom and insights of Aurukun artists themselves. Contributors include Peter Sutton, David Martin and John von Sturmer, each of whom has worked closely with the Aurukun community for decades, and shares a profound understanding about how art 'matters' in the fight for cultural survival. All of the art historian contributors are also experienced curators, combining analysis of artworks with perspectives gained from working with artists on exhibitions and public events.

Before time today is about the real world of contemporary Aboriginal art as it happens in Aurukun. It is compelling reading for those who want to look beyond the beautiful surfaces of Aboriginal art into the visual expression of people who have endured dramatic change, and who now embrace it in their lives and in their art.

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