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The Animals

Love Letters between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy

written by Don Bachardy, Christopher Isherwood

Chatto and Windus | ISBN 9780701186784

Hardback – 528 pages

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‘The Animals’ traces by way of their collected love-letters the lives and enduring romance of Christopher Isherwood and life-long partner Don Bachardy. Curiously told via assumed animal characters; Isherwood a stubborn old workhorse Dobbin and Bachardy a young white cat, Kitty, ‘The Animals’ provides a compelling, beguiling, arch, witty, and, at times inspirational read. A celebrity-strewn cast and the pair’s genuine mutual devotion keep this collection from becoming too inwardly focussed or sleepy. Highly recommended. For those interested a perfect pairing would be the documentary ‘Chris and Don: A Love Story’ available at the Gallery Shop on DVD.

By Daniel McCready

Christopher Isherwood was a celebrated English writer when he met the Californian teenager Don Bachardy on a Santa Monica beach in 1952. They spent their first night together on Valentine’s Day 1953. Defying the conventions, the two men began living as an openly gay couple in an otherwise closeted Hollywood. The Animals provides a loving testimony of an extraordinary relationship that lasted until Chris’s death in 1986 – and survived affairs (on both sides) and a thirty-year-age-gap.

In romantic letters to one another, the couple created the private world of the Animals. Chris was Dobbin, a stubborn old workhorse; Don was the playful young white cat, Kitty. But Don needed to carve out his own identity – some of their longest sequences of letters were exchanged during his trips to London and New York, to pursue his career as an artist and to widen his emotional and sexual horizons.

Amidst the intimate domestic dramas, we learn of Isherwood’s continuing literary success –the royalty cheques from Cabaret, the acclaim for his pioneering novel A Single Man – and the bohemian whirl of Californian film suppers and beach life. Don, whose portraits of London theatreland were making his name, attends the world premiere of The Innocents with Truman Capote and afterwards dines with Deborah Kerr and the rest of the cast, spends weekends with Tennessee Williams, Cecil Beton, or the Earl and Countess of Harewood, and tours Egypt and Greece with a new love interest. But whatever happens in the outside world, Dobbin and Kitty always return to their ‘Basket’ and to each other. Candid, gossipy, exceptionally affectionate, The Animals is a unique interplay between two creative spirits, confident in their mutual devotion.

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