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Portrait of an Iceberg

written by Simon Harsent

Pool Productions | ISBN 9780646521725



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This publication was produced to accompany Simon Harsent's solo exhibition Melt. It begins with images of massive icebergs as they enter Greenland's Disco Bay from the Ilulissat Icefjord and ends off the East coast of Newfoundland. This is an area known as Iceberg Alley and is where, in 1912, the Titanic met its fate. By the time they reach Newfoundland the icebergs have travelled hundreds of miles, and have been so battered that they are little more than a broken spectre of their former selves.

Seeing them first in their austere grandeur and then, later, dissolving into the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, is both awe-inspiring and humbling: a metamorphosis that endows each iceberg with a lifespan, a story and a personality.

This book is the culmination of two separate three-week journeys to Greenland and Newfoundland to photograph the journey of the icebergs. Simon Harsent is one of the world's most awarded photographers and his work is included in the permanent collection of the Queensland Art Gallery and the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

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