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Paris and the Moulin Rouge

written by Stephanie Guean, Jane Kinsman

National Gallery of Australia | ISBN 9780642334305

Paperback – 288 pages


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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was an acute observer of Parisian life. This publication highlights Toulouse-Lautrec's skill as a painter and draughtsman, his experimentation in composition and the brilliance of his technical execution in all media. Here readers will experience a wide range of paintings and a selection of key drawings, posters and prints.Toulouse-Lautrec's career is traced from his earliest works and his student days at the Atelier Cormon to his extraordinary depictions of the Paris social scene, the dance halls, the cafe-concert, the theatre and opera and the bordellos. He captures the essence of his Parisian characters and haunts in a perceptive and insightful way.Toulouse-Lautrec's subject matter was to become thoroughly modern and he became an influential figure in the evolution of the art of the twentieth century. This publication provides an understanding of the artist's short but dazzling career.

Artist: Henri de Toulouise-Lautrec

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