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Night Fall in the Ti-Tree

written by Violet Teague

National Gallery of Australia | ISBN 9780642130723

Paperback – 32 pages


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Violet Teague (1872–1915) was the first Australian artist to demonstrate a thorough understanding of Japanese printmaking techniques. Born in Melbourne, Teague studied in Belgium and England between 1893 and 1896. On her return to Melbourne, she attended the National Gallery of Victoria Art School in 1897 and 1898. In 1905, in collaboration with her friend Geraldine Rede, Teague produced Night Fall in the Ti-Tree, a self-conscious copy of an illustrated Japanese book. Hand printed by Teague at the Sign of the Rabbit press, this charming children’s book contained woodblocks accompanied by short poems that were loosely based on the Japanese haiku poem. The book was printed in colour in the Japanese method – the water-based inks having been brushed on to the woodblocks cut along the grain – and was bound in the Japanese manner. In 1906 an edition for the English market was released, from which this facsimile has been taken.

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