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Botanical Riches

Stories of Botanical Exploration

written by Richard Aitken

Miegunyah Press | ISBN 9780522855050

Paperback – 300 pages


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Intrepid plant hunters and botanists have travelled throughout history, collecting seeds and specimens. Seeking plants with economic value, medicinal benefits, or for lavish display, these botanical explorers carried their treasures home to their own lands. Magnificently illustrated with some of the world's most glorious engraved, lithographed and hand-coloured botanical illustrations, Botanical Riches travels to ancient Sumer and discover where the first grains were domesticated for agriculture, through Egypt, the land of papyrus, to the Silk Road and the rice paddies of the East and to the tulips of the Ottoman Empire. It charts the rich wonders of the New World, the exciting flora of the Cape of Good Hope, the showy rhododendrons of the Himalayas, and the eucalypts and banksia of Australia.

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