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Textiles the Whole Story

written by Beverly Gordon

Thames and Hudson | ISBN 9780500291139

Paperback – 304 pages


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The fabric which we hold and wear is increasingly produced in faraway factories, invisible. In Textiles: The Whole Story, Gordon contends that despite this disconnection, textiles’ potency remains; that ‘to be human is to be involved with cloth’. Images elevate the text throughout, from the densely stippled patterning of African dutch wax cloth, to Peruvian tunics meticulously layered with macaw feathers. Best of all are the photographic and artistic representations of human interaction with textiles, none too majestic nor banal. These everyday moments bring a nice intimacy to the global span of Gordon’s research, with matadors alongside laundresses and sports fans.

By Jessica Parker

This vibrantly illustrated book, which is newly available in paperback, is an original look at the myriad roles played by textiles in all aspects of human life, from ancient weavings to light-sensitive and other futuristic fabrics of our own era. Beverly Gordon discusses how textiles are an integral part of the human life journey from cradle to grave in a multitude of practical, symbolic and spiritual ways. The many uses of textiles in our everyday lives and their sources are illustrated, along with a discussion about how, as a valuable commodity, in some communities textiles function as money. Finally, the author outlines how textiles are a means of communication functional, political and artistic and a metaphor for transcendence. This book will captivate and inspire anyone who has a passion for textiles and textile arts, whether educational, creative or professional.

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