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The Atlas of the Real World

Mapping the Way We Live

written by Anna Barford, Daniel Dorling, Mark Newman

Thames and Hudson | ISBN 9780500288535

Flexi jacket – 416 pages


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The Atlas of the Real World is a superb resource for everyone who wants to understand how their country or region fits into the new world order. A winner of the Geographical Association’s Gold Award, this revised and expanded edition features 16 new maps. Using sophisticated software and comprehensive analysis of every aspect of life, the atlas represents the world in 382 digitally modified maps (cartograms) which depict territories of the world not by physical size, but by demographic importance. Sizing territories according to their significance gives instant graphical insight into statistics: an analysis of water resources, for example, shows the rain forests of South America (with 30 per cent of the world’s fresh water) writ large, whereas Kuwait (dependent on desalination) completely disappears. The reader can also glean historical, current and future trends in areas such as population, biodiversity and trade.

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