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How to Make Money Using Etsy a Guide to the Online Marketplace for Crafts and Handmade Products

written by Timothy Adam

John Wiley & Sons Ltd | ISBN 9780470944561

Paperback – 240 pages


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In a world where most products are manufactured by machines, Etsy offers an online platform for makers of handmade products and crafts to market and sell their goods to a vast network of buyers who demand unique, genuine products. To date, the site has attracted over 400,000 sellers who collectively have sold over 30 million items, generating more than $180.6 million in revenue. The only resource of its kind, How to Make Money Using Etsy--written by Tim Adam who has successfully been selling his products all over the world through his Etsy shop since 2007--guides readers step-by-step through the many stages of selling online. How-to topics include:
*Establish your Etsy shop
*Effectively photograph your products
*Post your products to optimize visibility and increase sales
*Brand your business
*Use social media like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with buyers and grow your business.

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