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Roots of Style Weaving Together Life Love and Fashion

written by Isabel Toledo

illustrated by Ruben Toledo

Celebra | ISBN 9780451230171

Hardback – 375 pages


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"Roots of Style "is a rare look into the mind, life, and journey of one of our generation's most coveted fashion designers, Isabel Toledo. From the nostalgic and permanent in-fluence of her upbringing in Cuba and the serendipitous love that materialized her vision and fueled her conviction, to the timeless mark she continues to make on the fashion industry, Isabel weaves together all of her impressions to express her true inspiration and authenticity. Isabel's words--interpreted by artwork from her husband, one of fashion's most prolific illustrators, Ruben Toledo--tell an eloquent and visually stunning story about how fashion gave a form of communication to a curious girl who was fascinated by design, craftsmanship, and sewing. Through Isabel's personal and engaging accounts, "Roots of Style "inspires readers to follow their instincts, trust their individuality, and discover their own personal style signature.

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