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An Anthology of Pseudo Interviews Faux Lectures Quasi Letters Found Texts and Other Fraudulent Artifacts

written by David Shields, Matthew Vollmer

W. W. Norton and Company | ISBN 9780393341959

Paperback – 368 pages


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In our bureaucratised culture, we're inundated by documents: itineraries, instruction manuals, permit forms, reports, accidentally forwarded e-mail, traffic updates, ad infinitum. David Shields and Matthew Vollmer have gathered forty short fictions that they find to be seriously hilarious and irresistibly teachable (in both writing and literature courses): counterfeit texts that capture the suppressed frustration and yearning that percolate just below the surface of most official documents. The innovative stories collected in Fakes trace the increasingly blurry line between fact and fiction and exemplify a crucial form for our time.

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