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Sweeter Side of R Crumb

written by Robert Crumb

W W Norton & Company | ISBN 9780393333718

Paperback – 112 pages


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Adorable little kittens, angels and babies. Flowers, ice cream cones and German boy bands. Indeed, there is a "sweeter side" to R. Crumb. These delectable illustrations-whether depicting Bernie the Cat pawing for his master's affection, the timeworn beauty of a French village cul-de-sac or a quiet night chez Crumb-wonderfully exemplify the many tender moments that have, until now, played second fiddle to Crumb's more raunchy sketches. Now he harkens back to his humble American beginnings as a Cleveland greeting card illustrator, when his innate knack for the grotesque had to be suppressed for the perennial appeal of "cute". The result is this cheery and blue-skied world, where readers of every conceivable personality type, age group, even sexual persuasion can enjoy the artist's momentary lapse from naughty to nice.

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