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Plains of Mars European War Prints 1500-1825 from Collection of Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation

written by James Clifton, Leslie Scattone

Yale University Press | ISBN 9780300137224

Hardback – 280 pages


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From 1500 to 1825, Europe remained in an almost perpetual state of war. Religion, politics, economics, and dynastic ambition all played a role in the turmoil that spread across the continent. War-related printed images also proliferated during this time, serving a variety of functions - commemorative, propagandistic, iconic, narrative, eulogistic, critical, or instructional.This handsome volume is the first graphic print survey of the theme of war in the early-modern period. Featuring work by such artists as Durer, Goya, and Gericault, the book presents varied images of soldiers; battles (including specific historical events); production, innovation, and instruction in arms and armour; and, representations of abstract concepts related to war and peace. The text includes essays by eminent authorities that illuminate artistic and historical issues of the era.

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