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Lucio Fontana: Between Utopia and Kitsch

written by Anthony White

MIT Press | ISBN 9780262526159

Paperback – 344 pages


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In 1961, a solo exhibition by Argentine-Italian artist Lucio Fontana met with a scathing critical response from New York art critics. Fontana (1899 - 1968), well known in Europe for his series of slashed monochrome paintings, offered New York ten canvases slashed and punctured, thickly painted in luridly brilliant hues and embellished with chunks of coloured glass. One critic described the work as 'halfway between constructivism and costume jewellery', unwittingly putting his finger on the contradiction at the heart of these paintings and much of Fontana's work: the cut canvases suggest avant-garde iconoclasm, but the glittery ornamentation evokes outmoded forms of kitsch.

Artist: Lucio Fontana

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