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The Twentieth Century in Poetry

written by Michael Huse, Simon Rae

Ebury Press | ISBN 9780091940171

Hardback – 880 pages


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Staff Review
I don't read much poetry and in the past twelve months, with my 1 year old twins at home, I haven't had a chance to read as much as I once did. But this book appealed to me the moment I saw it. A very handsome tome indeed and a great concept that you can dip in and out of as you like. It’s a journey through the twentieth century via poetry from around the English speaking world. Arranged chronologically with poems for each year of the century it captures the innocence, hope, energy and horrors of the era. There are poets we are all familiar with (TS Eliot, Sassoon etc) but many you may not know and they are a delight to discover. Australia is there too with poets including Kenneth Slessor and John Forbes. It makes a wonderful gift - if not for someone else then perhaps for yourself?
By Richard Harling

This ground-breaking anthology presents in chronological order over 400 poems written in the twentieth century. The authors, both published poets themselves, give an overview of each period of history, while notes to the poems place each one in its historical context and trace the century's poetic development. Concise biographies for each poet complete the anthology. By organizing the poems in chronological order, readers will see poets in a new light. Here A.E. Houseman, for example, rubs shoulders with T.S. Eliot, showing that traditional forms can hold their own against the modernist orthodoxy. Here are poets rescued from oblivion, such as the suffragette who wrote a compelling poem about her mistreatment in Holloway Prison in 1912 or the medical offer who went into Belsen with the British troops producing an eye-witness poem of lasting power. All the major events of the twentieth century are reflected in the choice of poems within these pages. This richly rewarding collection makes invaluable reading for poetry lovers all over the world.

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