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Killer Kaiju

Films Greatest Japanese Monsters

written by Ivan Vartanian

Collins | ISBN 9780061655791

Hardback – 144 pages


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Graphic full-colour illustrations of the most notable kaiju are featured in "Killer Kaiju Monsters", along with descriptions of their strengths, weaknesses and special powers. Also featured are the heroes and heroines who prevented kaiju attacks, the creators who designed these breathtaking beasts, and a breakdown of the central, defining plot and story structures of kaiju dramas and battle sequences. A kaiju research section that assembles data, charts, and figures - valuable scientific findings that will aid in the battle to save humankind is included, and artist Mark Nagata will render cross-sections of a kaiju to show the skeletal and muscular construction of these monsters. (These cross sections will be printed on vellum as a special feature to the book to recreate the anatomy drawings found in an encyclopedia.)

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