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Art Lover

A Biography of Peggy Guggenheim

written by Anton Gill

Harper Perennial | ISBN 9780060956813

Paperback – 528 pages


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Peggy Guggenheim (millionairess, legendary lover, sadomasochist, appalling parent, selective miser) was one of the greatest and most notorious art patrons of the twentieth century.

After her father Benjamin Guggenheim was drowned when the Titanic sank, the young heiress came into a small fortune and left for Europe. She married the writer Laurence Vail and joined the American expatriate bohemian set. Though her many lovers included Samuel Beckett, Max Ernst (whom she later married), Yves Tanguy, and Roland Penrose, real love always seemed to elude her.

In the late 1930s, Peggy set up one of the first galleries of modern art in London, quickly acquiring a magnificent selection of works from artists fleeing to America after the Nazi invasion of France. Escaping from Vichy, she moved back to New York, where she was a vital part of the new American abstract expressionist movement.

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