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The Life of Birds: David Attenborough

BBC DVD | ISBN 9397810197695

Number of disks: 3

DVD region: 4 - Australia, NZ, Latin America


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This magnificent series celebrates the incredible variety of birds and provides fresh insight into their fascinating way of life. To Fly or Not To Fly – When the dinosaurs disappeared, some birds abandoned flight and made a bid to take over the earth. And some are still doing so today. The Mastery of Flight – speed, endurance and unrivalled agility are the hallmarks of the aces of the skies. The Insatiable Appetite – a diversity of bill shapes and sizes have evolved to cope with all the most difficult-to-find foods, but some birds still need tools. Meat Eaters – both hunters and scavengers need incredible strategies and skills to compete for their elusive prey. The Demands of the Egg – the drive to reproduce is fraught with danger. The Problems of Parenthood – bringing up a baby is a full-time job that requires some very special skills. The Limits of Endurance – changes and disasters wrought by both nature and man create new challenges. Fishing for a Living – the earth's vast areas of fresh and salt water provide dinner for millions of birds. Signals and Songs – communication makes everything possible. Finding Partners – extraordinary displays and bizarre mating rituals.

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