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Joanna Lumley's Travel Collection

Madman | ISBN 9322225191389

Runtime: 367 minutes

Number of disks: 2

DVD region: 4 - Australia, NZ, Latin America


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Joanna Lumley's travels have all the the panache, flavour and excitement you'd expect from one of Britain's most loved talents, with her knack of showing us the places and meeting the people who have so much to tell, immersing us in cultures so far from our own. Collected for the first time together, Joanna follows the River Nile, the longest river in the world, from sea to source, then explores the ancient and modern aspects to Greece.

Heading upstream, in the direction of the earliest explorers, Joanna travels by boat, train, ferry, car, plane, mule and camel along Africa’s ‘life line’. On a four thousand mile journey, passing through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia,
Uganda and Rwanda, Joanna revisits the romantic history of the Nile and talks with the people working and living on the river today.

As she travels past pyramids and ancient temples, through deserts, jungle and war torn landscapes, Joanna’s charm, enthusiasm and graceful fortitude carries us along a fascinating and epic journey.

Greece is where western civilisation began; drama, democracy and language to science, philosophy and medicine all originated from here. This country has given the world so much, which has left an enduring legacy on the fabric of our everyday life.

Joanna Lumley embarks on her own Greek Odyssey to explore both the ancient and modern aspects to Greece – a land rich in history, myth and romance. Following in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks, she visits some of the most significant sites of the empire from the Greek islands to its far northern borders, from Mount Olympus to Corfu, exploring the history, Gods, beliefs, myths and legends which hail from this most significant chapter in European history.

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