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Leonard Cohen

Bird On a Wire

ISBN 3000000079799

Runtime: 105 minutes

Number of disks: 1

DVD region: 4 - Australia, NZ, Latin America


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Captured on tour and 'off-duty' this almost lost and forgotten documentary concert film showcases one of the world's most respected singer song writers. Following Leonard Cohen on his 1972 World Tour - featuring performances in Berlin Vienna Copenhagen and Israel this is an exciting release of a once controversial film directed by legendary prize winning film maker Tony Palmer. Fresh and exhilarating Leonard Cohen's artistry and creative force soars through 19 classic performances including Famous Blue Raincoat Sisters of Mercy and So Long Mariane and features some of his most rousing and thought-provoking poetry. Bird on a Wire has been painstakingly restored & reedited from recently discovered footage.

Artist: Leonard Cohen

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