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Fiona Lowry

Portrait of Tim Silver
acrylic on canvas
182 x 121cm
Further information

Tim Silver is a Sydney-based artist working across various media, primarily focused on sculptural casting and photography. His work is concerned with the perpetual state of entropy: the theory that all forms and systems are in a constant state of decay or change. This idea permeates both his objects and installations, themselves captured in this process of decomposition through free-falling photo-narratives.

He has been involved with several artist run initiatives including co-director of Side-On Gallery (1997) and co-founding director of Rubyayre Gallery (1998–2001). More recently he has held solo exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne and been included in various international shows.

‘Tim is a great friend of mine who I met whilst studying at Sydney College of the Arts about 12 years ago and I have always enjoyed his rigorousness as an artist,’ says Fiona Lowry. ‘He has been kind enough to appear as a study in several of my paintings, playing out scenarios that are mostly ambiguous. This portrait holds something of his complex character.’

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