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World art tours

Travel with friends

If you’re planning on travelling overseas, a tour with the Gallery will ensure you have a memorable and meaningful experience in the company of like-minded travellers. It also means you’re helping us buy art, as funds raised from tours go towards the Gallery’s collection.

We have a wide range of world art tours to diverse destinations. Individual tour itineraries have been carefully designed to include the most fascinating and important art historical, archaeological and architectural sites.

The Gallery’s tour leaders are chosen for their adventurous spirit, their knowledge, experience, ability to communicate and to manage groups. In many countries local guides are essential, and the Gallery has a very good network of international guides who share their intimate knowledge of complex cultural, political and religious sensitivities.

5 – 16 August 2015

St Petersburg and the Russian North
St Petersburg – Pskov – Novgorod
With Rosamund Bartlett
From $6950 pp plus airfares

St Petersburg and the Russian North itinerary (PDF 1.4 MB)

8 – 23 June 2015

Art cities of the Veneto and Venice Biennale
Verona – Vicenza – Castelfranco – Venice
With Lorraine Kypiotis
From $8950 pp plus airfares

Art cities itinerary (PDF 777.3 KB)

11 – 25 May 2015

Korea and Japan: classic to contemporary
Seoul – Kyoto – Naoshima
With Ann MacArthur
From $9950 pp including airfares

Korea and Japan itinerary (PDF 1.2 MB)

29 March – 13 April 2015

Cuban culture
Literature, art, history and politics
With Judith White
From $8950 pp plus airfares

Cuban culture itinerary (PDF 908.6 KB)

2 – 14 March 2015

Heavenly Bhutan
Temples, thangkas and textiles
With Joyce Morgan
From $9250 pp including airfares

Heavenly Bhutan (PDF 1.3 MB)

15 – 26 January 2015

High art in the low countries
Brussels – Bruges – Antwerp – Amsterdam
With John McDonald
From $7500 pp plus airfares

High art in the low countries itinerary (PDF 1.5 MB)

13 – 27 January 2015

Mystical Myanmar
Yangon – Inle Lake – Mandalay – Bagan
With Judy Tenzing
From $7500 pp plus airfares

Mystical Myanmar itinerary (PDF 842.0 KB)

5 – 9 November 2014

Melbourne fashion design and spring racing
With Peter McNeil
From $2450 pp plus airfare

Melbourne itinerary (PDF 1.4 MB)

3 – 16 November 2014

Ethiopia: the heart of civilization
Addis Ababa and the historical north
With Christopher Hartney
From $5750 pp plus airfares

Ethiopia itinerary (PDF 1.4 MB)

21 October – 4 November 2014

China: an art revolution
Taipei – Shanghai – Chengdu
With John McDonald
From $8500 pp including airfares

China: an art revolution itinerary (PDF 855.4 KB)

10 – 29 October 2014

Ancient Turkey
Crossroads of culture
With John Tidmarsh
From $10,250 pp plus airfares

Ancient Turkey itinerary (PDF 694.0 KB)

30 September – 22 October 2014

A journey along the Silk Road
Xi’an – Kashgar
With Joyce Morgan
From $9750 pp including airfares

Journey along the Silk Road itinerary (PDF 857.0 KB)

20 September – 10 October 2014

Chile and Peru: highlights of the Andes
Santiago – Arequipa – Cusco – Machu Picchu
With Chris Carter
From $12,350 pp plus airfares

Chile and Peru itinerary (PDF 819.9 KB)

20 September – 7 October 2014

The splendours of Central Asia
Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan
With Liz Gibson
From $8750 pp including airfares

The splendours of Central Asia intinerary (PDF 1.1 MB)

17 September – 4 October 2014

Crossroads of the Mediterranean
Naples – Ravello – Sicily – Malta
With Christopher Allen
From $8250 pp plus airfares
Note: Originally advertised for 26 April – 13 May 2014 with Terence Maloon, who is no longer able to lead the tour due to his appointment as director of the Drill Hall Gallery and ANU art collection

Crossroads of the Mediterranean itinerary (PDF 988.6 KB)

16 September – 7 October 2014

The heart of the Silk Road
Turkmenistan and Iran
With Julian Droogan
From $9750 pp plus airfares

The heart of the Silk Road itinerary (PDF 783.1 KB)

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