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The Young Members program for art-lovers aged 18-40 is managed by staff from the Art Gallery Society of NSW, supported by the Young Members advisory committee and a group of volunteers.

Become a Young Members volunteer

We always welcome new faces and fresh ideas. If you’re interested in joining in as a Young Members volunteer, simply send email and we’ll contact you with all the details you need.

Join the Young Members committee

The committee meets once a month to help organise Young Members events and promote fundraising opportunities for the Gallery’s art acquisitions program.

All committee positions are open for re-election annually at the Young Members AGM. The positions of president, senior vice president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and volunteers coordinator are determined at the first meeting of the new committee.

Young Members advisory committee members

  • Nicole Monks, president
  • Alison McDonald, senior vice president
  • Miriam Green, vice president
  • Brian Greenacre, treasurer
  • Sarah Close, volunteer coordinator
  • Rebecca Williams, volunteer coordinator
  • Longzhen Han, secretary
  • Libby Bright
  • Caitilin de Bérigny
  • Jiyan Dessens
  • Matthew Ely
  • Rosemanry Nunes-Silva
  • Alicia Parlby
  • Peter Plustwik
  • Clare Veal

Contact the Art Gallery Society

Tel 02 9225 1878
Fax 02 9225 1644
Visit the members lounge at the Gallery

Renew online

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