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Process diary

Hannah Clements

Sydney Girls High School

Artwork title
HSC year
Expressive form
Artist’s statement

I wanted to explore the trajectory of growth and regeneration, viewing it as a spiral that includes reflection and advancement, rather than as a circle that returns always to the same place. My work aims to explore the dualities between permanence and ephemerality, the uniform and the diverse, decomposition and creation, past and present, opacity and translucency, contained and unrestricted, material and conceptual, as well as ideas to do with the potential of an object for transformation. I chose my materials to reflect this aim, returning books to their original organic state, but with development, transformation and re-evaluated function.

Influencing artists: Fiona Hall, Georgia Russell, Cara Barer, Tim Knowles

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Collection connections

The objects in Svetlana Kopystiansky’s installation The trainer are used for a different purpose than their original function. Why has the artist questioned their purpose and how does this enhance the themes of the outsider, borders and exile?

Compare The trainer with Hannah Clements’s Flourish. Discuss the similarities and differences. How does Clements’s use of the book as a material object differ from Kopystiansky’s?