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Photography gallery

Left to right: Max Dupain Spontaneous composition 1935, gelatin silver photograph, 40.3 × 39.8 cm, purchased 1982 © Estate of Max Dupain, licensed by Viscopy, Sydney; Tracey Moffatt As I lay back on my Ancestral Land no. 1 2013 from the series?? As I lay back on my Ancestral Land??, digital print, 125 × 184 cm, Don Mitchell Bequest 2013 © Tracey Moffatt

The photography gallery is dedicated to the display of the Art Gallery of NSW’s 4500-strong collection of photographs. The collection covers from the inception of the medium in the 19th century until now.

Three exhibitions open each year in this gallery. Focusing on Australian and international photography, they present the work of individual artists and groups of artists, and explore themes and specific periods in photographic history. The aim is to expand our understanding of the ever-changing nature of photography – the most pervasive medium of the 21st century which, from its birth, changed the course of art.


Note: although this information is regularly updated, specific works on display may change without notice.