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Mike Parr

Australia b1945
Parr was one of the founding members of Inhibodress, an artists cooperative and alternative space for conceptual art, performance art and video in Sydney in 1970-72.

Although his work ranges across media, performance is at its core, and his films, photographs, prints, drawings, text works and sculptures can all be viewed as performative. He has been influenced by European artists including Arnulf Rainer and the Vienna Aktionists.

Integration 3 (Leg spiral) 1975, printed 2001

This is one of four photographs documenting a performance by Parr in which he lit a fuse that spiralled around his leg, groaning as it burned out. It was part of a series of performances also recorded in the films Rules and displacement activities, part I and II 1974-76.

Parr has worked with his own body since the start of his career in the 1970s. His performances often involve confronting the fear of violence and disability, and testing the limits of physical endurance and the mind’s capacity to control the situation.

Mike Parr Integration 3 (Leg spiral) 1975, printed 2001