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Featured works

These artists and artworks feature in our Australian app, along with additional content. You can explore the app at the Gallery on iPads in the Art Lounge, and it is also available for free download through the App Store.

They all featured in the first hang in the newly reopened Australian galleries in 2012. However, works on display change over time. Check works currently on display

  • John Glover

    About the artist John Glover and his work Natives on the Ouse River, Van Diemen’s Land 1838

  • Conrad Martens

    About the artist Conrad Martens and his work View of the Heads, Port Jackson 1853

  • Eugene von Guérard

    About the artist Eugene von Guérard and his work Milford Sound, New Zealand 1877-79

  • Charles Conder

    About the artist Charles Conder and his work Departure of the Orient – Circular Quay 1888

  • Arthur Streeton

    About the artist Arthur Streeton and his work Fire’s on 1891

  • Tom Roberts

    About the artist Tom Roberts and his work The golden fleece 1894

  • WC Piguenit

    About the artist WC Piguenit and his work The flood in the Darling 1890 1895

  • Frederick McCubbin

    About the artist Frederick McCubbin and his work On the wallaby track 1896

  • Sydney Long

    About the artist Sydney Long and his work Pan 1898

  • Bertram Mackennal

    About the artist Bertram Mackennal and his work The dancer 1904

  • Rupert Bunny

    About the artist Rupert Bunny and his work Summer time c1907

  • E Phillips Fox

    About the artist E Phillips Fox and his work The ferry c1910-11

  • Hans Heysen

    About the artist Hans Heysen and his work Drought sheep 1916-21

  • Elioth Gruner

    About the artist Elioth Gruner and his work Spring frost 1919

  • Roy de Maistre

    About the artist Roy de Maistre and his work Rhythmic composition in yellow green minor 1919

  • Margaret Preston

    About the artist Margaret Preston and her work Implement blue 1927

  • Grace Cossington Smith

    About the artist Grace Cossington Smith and her work The curve of the bridge 1928-29

  • Nora Heysen

    About the artist Nora Heysen and her work Self portrait 1932

  • Charles Meere

    About the artist Charles Meere and his work Australian beach pattern 1940

  • Ralph Balson

    About the artist Ralph Balson and his work Construction in green 1942

  • Sidney Nolan

    About the artist Sidney Nolan and his work First-class marksman 1946

  • Arthur Boyd

    About the artist Arthur Boyd and his work The expulsion 1947-48

  • Russell Drysdale

    About the artist Russell Drysdale and his work Sofala 1947

  • William Dobell

    About the artist William Dobell and his work Margaret Olley 1948

  • Margaret Olley

    About the artist Margaret Olley and her work Portrait in the mirror 1948

  • Otto Pareroultja

    About the artist Otto Pareroultja and his work The hills behind Hermannsburg c1954

  • Joy Hester

    About the artist Joy Hester and her work Reclining female nude (Barbara Blackman) 1955

  • Ian Fairweather

    About the artist Ian Fairweather and his work Last Supper 1958

  • Tiwi artists

    About the Tutini (Pukumani grave posts) and the Tiwi artists who created them

  • Mithinari Gurruwiwi

    About the artist Mithinari Gurruwiwi and his work Djaykung (File snakes) c1960

  • Fred Williams

    About the artist Fred Williams and his work You Yangs landscape 1963

  • John Olsen

    About the artist John Olsen and his work Five bells 1963

  • Tony McGillick

    About the artist Tony McGillick and his work Jasper’s gesture 1966

  • Tony Tuckson

    About the artist Tony Tuckson and his work White lines (vertical) on ultramarine 1970-73

  • Lloyd Rees

    About the artist Lloyd Rees and his work The summit, Mt Wellington II 1973

  • Jeffrey Smart

    About the artist Jeffrey Smart and his work Truck and trailer approaching a city 1973

  • Mike Parr

    About the artist Mike Parr and his work Integration 3 (Leg spiral) 1975, printed 2001

  • Brett Whiteley

    About the artist Brett Whiteley and the work Self portrait in the studio 1976

  • Toni Robertson

    About the artist Toni Robertson and her work The grenades are inside the frozen chickens 1976-77

  • Robert Klippel

    About the artist Robert Klippel and his work No 329 1977

  • Uta Uta Tjangala

    About the artist Uta Uta Tjangala and his work Untitled (Jupiter Well to Tjukula) 1979

  • Imants Tillers

    About the artist Imants Tillers and his work Counting: one, two, three 1988

  • Rosalie Gascoigne

    About the artist Rosalie Gascoigne and her work Metropolis 1999

  • James Angus

    About the artist James Angus and his work Bugatti type 35 2006

  • Janet Laurence

    About the artist Janet Laurence and her work The memory of nature 2010-12