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Artist workshops

This half-hour workshop is combined with a half-hour Art Adventure Tour titled Conversations with Asia.

Taking tea

Experience being a guest at a Japanese tea ceremony, conducted by an Asian expert, while seated on the tatami floor of a traditional Japanese room, surrounded by artworks in the Asian gallery.

A registered Auslan interpreter is available for deaf and hearing impaired students (three weeks notice required).

Also available

Asia in action

Students can watch artists demonstrate a range of Asian art forms such as ink painting and calligraphy, Indian dance, storytelling, origami and tea ceremony (subject to availability); take part in an artmaking activity; and learn connections between the cultures of Asia and Australia on a guided tour of the Asian galleries.

This program addresses the cross-curriculum priority ‘Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia’.

2 hours
Max 90 students per session
$225 per group of 15 or less
Materials and resources provided

Years K-6 only
Thursday 20 August 2015
Friday 21 August 2015
Wednesday 28 October 2015
Thursday 5 November 2015
Friday 13 November 2015
10am – 12noon

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Years 3–6 only
Wednesdays and Thursdays only
1 hour
$225 per group of 15 or less
Bookings and prepayment essential
Workshop subject to availability of artists

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