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Slideshow of featured works

	Polly Borland

	Untitled XXXII from Smudge 2010chromogenic print76 × 65 cm image courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Polly Borland

	Untitled XXXII from Smudge 2010chromogenic print76 × 65 cm image courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Eliza Hutchison

	57 seconds 2004 from Hair in the gate, a biograph 2011–12, ongoinginkjet print36.5 × 54.8 cmimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Paul Knight

	19 months #1 from Untitled 2010folded type C photograph88 × 98 cmimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Angelica Mestiti

	Rapture (silent anthem) 2009 (video still)high-definition video, silent10:10 minimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	David Noonan

	Untitled #6 from Images 2005archival inkjet print on paper from original paper collage61 × 43.5 cmimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	David Rosetzky

	How to feel 2011 (video still)high-definition video, colour, sound148:39 minimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Tim Silver

	Untitled (Rory) #3 2009pigment print on etching rag 310gsmimage size: 135.5 × 90 cmpaper size: 155.5 × 110 cmphotography: Jamie Northimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Glenn Sloggett

	Amputee op-shop bride 2009 from Filthy, a white trash (lost) love story 2009–11type C photograph80 × 80 cmimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Grant Stevens

	Crushing 2009 (video still)digital video, sound4:13 minimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Darren Sylvester

	How do you know if it’s real love 2002lightjet print100 × 100 cmcollection of Lisa Paulsen, Sydneyimage courtesy and © the artist
  • 	Justene Williams

	Milk seeped in bread and rocked the leg 2012–13 (video still)7-channel HD video installation: 7 projectors, 2 pine shelves, pine table, 3 pine step/seats, white bread, pillowsdimensions variableimage courtesy and © the artist

Polly Borland

What is your initial response to Borland’s work in the exhibition? Define anthropomorphism. How has it been used in art over time? In what way does it add another layer of meaning to an artwork? Would you describe Borland’s work as anthropomorphic?

Eliza Hutchison

Develop a series of work based purely on a memory relating to a social issue or event. Include motifs and symbolic references and carefully consider your choice of materials and techniques to enhance the meaning of the work. Compare your approach to Hutchison’s work in the exhibition.

Paul Knight

Look at 19 months #1 from Untitled 2010, reproduced above. Describe what you see. What is the relationship between the subject matter and way the image has been presented? Discuss the contradictions in this image. Why do you think the artist included the photographic edge? Discuss whether this image would be as successful if it were in another medium?

Angelica Mesiti

Rapture (silent anthem) shows a crowd but the actual performance they are watching is out of view and the artist has eliminated any noise. How does this affect the way you see the work? What role does the viewer play?

David Noonan

Respond to Images 2005 and construct a photographic or video-still collage representing a time in your life. Discuss whether this approach is more effective than showing a single image.

David Rosetzky

How to feel 2011 is described as a non-narrative video as Rosetzky allows the performers to control the dialogue. They respond through dance to their feelings and emotions and work collectively in a group of six in an empty warehouse then in pairs in a cafe. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this artistic process? Now that you are aware of the process, do you as a viewer respond differently to the work?

Tim Silver

The role of the artist, the audience and the artwork has been challenged in Silver’s practice. Research the artist’s process and discuss how the traditional definitions of these roles have been altered.

Glenn Sloggett

Create a photo story of a friend or family member without using the human form. Consider the places and objects that best represent them. Also think about the less obvious connections and how you can best capture these moments in your images.

Grant Stevens

Stevens’ video Crushing is based on a script about a romantic break-up. The words appear and disappear accompanied by a music soundtrack. What is the impact of deleting images from the artwork? Compare Stevens’ work to Mesiti’s work in the exhibition and write a critique discussing your preference.

Darren Sylvester

What qualities of commercial photography are evident in Sylvester’s work in the exhibition? Does it matter if the boundaries of commercial, fashion and fine art photography are blurred? What do you think Sylvester is saying about how we view the world?

Justene Williams

Experience Williams’ work in the exhibition. Describe what you see. How does it show influences of dada and Cabaret Voltaire? How does Williams use new media in the work? Discuss how the work reflects contemporary art practice.