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Colour and energy

	David Aspden Outer spice 1969
  • 	David Aspden Outer spice 1969
  • 	Robert Owen Cadence #1 (a short span of time) 2003
  • 	Deborah Dawes Complete? 2010
  • 	Nike Savvas Rally 2014

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Questions and activities

  • Consider the relationship between artworks and the architectural space they occupy, using specific examples from the Gallery’s collection. How can movement influence the way a work is viewed? How does the audience interact with the work? Discuss how specific associations, memories and experiences can affect the interpretation of an artwork for an individual viewer.
  • Find out more about colour and art in art history through a case study of an artist and focus work, such as Camille Pissarro’s Peasants’ houses, Eragny 1887 or Grace Cossington Smith’s Reinforcements: troops marching c1917. Trace their art practice and influences. Describe characteristics from their work that can be identified in specific contemporary examples in the Gallery’s collection.
  • Research op art. Find specific examples in the Gallery’s collection and outline how these works show the influence of this style.
  • Create two artworks; one using only black and white and the other using two colours. Compare the optical effects, visual intensity and emotional impact. Which one do you prefer and why?
  • Collect a range of colour samples from your local hardware store and use them to create a tessellated artwork. Consider how you would use colour, shape and pattern to create energy in your composition.

Works in the collection