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Still life and interiors

	George Lambert Tulips and other stimulants 1927
  • 	George Lambert Tulips and other stimulants 1927
  • 	Margaret Olley Still life with pink fish 1948
  • 	John Passmore Poppies, fruit and skull 1953
  • 	Margaret Preston Banksia 1938
  • 	David Strachan Batterie de cuisine 1956
  • 	Ricky Swallow Killing time 2003-04

Questions and activities

  • Look at a variety of interiors – at home, at school and in the local area. What makes each interior different? Collect five objects from an interior you have observed and display them in class. How do the objects suggest the space they are from? Arrange and draw the objects you have found.
  • Describe the objects in the works from the Gallery’s collection listed here. What do these objects suggest about the time the work was created? Discuss how the artworks capture a slice of life from that time. Think about what you would include in a still life or interior to suggest life today.
  • Observe how the objects have been arranged. Are the compositions formal or chaotic? Do you think they have been influenced by photography? If so, how? Create and sketch your own still-life arrangement using objects that suggest something about your life.
  • Using the examples listed here, compare artists’ approaches to this genre. What are the similarities and differences? Consider colour, composition, technique and choice of objects.
  • Choose a work from the collection listed here. Imagine the person who owns the objects in this still life. Paint a portrait of this person accompanied by a written description of their personality and why these objects are significant to them. Display your portrait in the classroom alongside an image of the still life that inspired you.

Works from the collection