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Yosemite Valley

This large painting shows Yosemite Valley with its huge granite cliffs and crystal clear waters.

  • Spot the teepees, or tents, of the Native Americans who live in the valley.
  • Yosemite has been a popular place to visit for over 150 years. Can you see the tourists on their horses?
  • Imagine you are one of the people in this scene. Write a postcard to someone telling them about the amazing things you have seen here. Hint: if you’d like to print the image only, right-click on it and select save, then print it.
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William Keith Yosemite Valley 1875, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, AT Jergins Bequest, photo © Museum Associates / LACMA

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Find out more about Yosemite National Park, its rock formations and what animals and plants live and grow there.