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House at dusk

Edward Hopper was well known for his paintings of American buildings. Instead of being homely and busy, these pictures are filled with a sense of stillness and mystery.

  • How does this house make you feel? What do you think could be happening in some of the rooms?
  • Notice how the bottom of the house is cut off. How many levels could be below what you can see?
  • Extend and draw the rest of the house and it surroundings. Hint: if you’d like to print the image only, right-click on it and select save, then print it.
Edward Hopper, House at dusk, 1935

Edward Hopper House at dusk 1935, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, John Barton Payne Fund © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Photo: Katherine Wetzel

At home

Draw your own home but change parts of it and add a different background to create a sense of mystery. Make up a story to go with your drawing.