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From shore to shore

These passengers are crossing the East River in New York. Cities like New York are filled with people, but they often don’t know each other.

  • Notice how few people are talking to each other on this ferry.
  • Find the following things in the painting: someone who has fallen asleep • smoke and chimneys • a white handkerchief • a wooden bucket • two lamps • a stripy dress • a baby • a suitcase • an umbrella
  • This picture also shows us what city people wore over 100 years ago. Would you like to dress like any of these people?

Joseph H Boston From shore to shore 1885, Terra Foundation for American Art, Chicago

At home

Research what the fashions of the 1880s looked like. Do you think they would be comfortable to wear? What did children wear? Design your own 1880s outfit for a trip to the city.