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Ceremonial plaque depicting Cybele

Look at this golden chariot.

This plate shows Cybele, the nature goddess, in her chariot being pulled by lions with
golden manes. Beside her is Nike, a symbol of victory. Nike is looking to the right. Can you spot her wings?

Find two more standing people on this plate. Why do you think they are silver, not gold like Cybele and Nike?

List all of the parts of the plate that are covered in gold. What effect does this have?

Design your own plate based on something you like in this exhibition. Hint: if you’d like to print the image only, right-click on it and select save, then print it.

Ceremonial plaque depicting Cybele, Aï Khanum, temple with niches, 3rd century BCE, gilded silver, 25cm diameter, National Museum of Afghanistan. Credit: Thierry Ollivier

At home

Find out if you have any patterned plates in your home. Look at how they are decorated. Do they have stories? Draw your own plate design.