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HSC study days

This program for Year 12 (2016) students focuses on approaches to Section 1 and 2 of the HSC Visual Arts written examination, specifically addressing and investigating questions from the paper.

It will also familiarise teachers and students with the Gallery’s collection as a valuable resource for the Stage 6 syllabus.

2015 program

This year, our HSC Study Day will be held on Monday 23 November.

Gallery entry
Registration and morning tea, Domain Theatre foyer, lower level 3

Welcome and introduction

Group 1
The Gallery’s educators will discuss approaches to Section 2 of the HSC Visual Arts 2015 written paper using examples from the Gallery’s collection. Students will move through the Gallery, exploring a range of art periods, styles and media.

Group 2
Unpacking Section 1 and 2 of the HSC Visual Arts 2015 written paper

Groups swap activities

Keep calm and make art: handy hints on how to get started and achieve your goals in HSC Visual Arts


$25 per student
$20 per student from Low Socio-economic Status (Low SES) School Communities

Max 45 students per school
Free for teachers (1 per 15 students)
Includes morning tea
Bring pencil and VAPD in a small bag

On your booking form, choose 'Study Morning’ under Exhibition Program Format and write 'HSC study days 2015’ under Topic.

For an extra $7 per student, you can book to see The Greats after the study day program. On your booking form, write 'The Greats’ under Viewing Exhibitions.

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