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Programs on request

Design your own education program
Choose one from each of the following options.

1. Format

  • Discussion tour (1 hour)
    Takes the students on a journey, looking at and interpreting artworks. The focus is on the original artwork and its place in the art world. Students are given in-depth information and are encouraged to participate in lively discussion.
  • Language tour (1 hour)
    A language tour explores artworks that have been created by artists from the origin of a particular language, followed by a 30-minute conversation in the language itself. A great way to appreciate the identity of the culture. Languages offered are Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Korean.
  • Art workshop (2 hours)
    An art workshop involves looking at and interpreting artworks, and extends the discussion through drawing and observational sketching in front of the works.
  • Asian artist workshop (1 hour)
    An Asian artist workshop includes a demonstration by a professional artist (30 minutes) and a tour of the collection (30 minutes).
  • Masterclass (3 hours + 1 hour break)
    A masterclass offers a range of opportunities for looking at, interpreting and making art to develop a student’s creativity and understanding. The practical component may include 2D and 3D materials. Students will create artworks from initial ideas in a VAPD to a series of final artworks. Editing and making choices for a body of work will also be discussed.

2. Tour leader

Teacher-lecturers have broad and varying experiences in the art world and are trained by the Gallery to have a thorough understanding of the collection. You may choose one of three types.

  • Artist
    Connect with artists and artworks on display through the eyes of a professional artist. Learn about where artists begin, their art practice and inspirations, finding a dealer, selling work and how they become part of private and public collections.
  • Educator
    Teacher-lecturers that are educators have at least two years of classroom experience. They specialise in connecting classroom learning to the Gallery’s collection.
  • Art historian
    Follow an art historian and discover the stories behind the works, the society in which they were made and how they came into the collection.

3. Collection area

You may optionally restrict the tour/workshop to one or more collection area.

  • Australian art
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art
  • Western art (mostly European)
  • Contemporary art
  • Photography
  • Asian art
    • Asian art in general
    • Japan
    • China
    • India

4. Topic

Choose a topic or suggest your own.

  • Introducing the Gallery
  • Animals in art
  • Art for beginners
  • Art of war
  • Art world
  • Colour
  • Contemporary challenge
  • Figure in art
  • Human traces
  • Landscape
  • Natural world
  • New ways of seeing
  • New worlds
  • Mechanical world
  • Places
  • Portraiture
  • Urban and rural environments
  • What is art?
  • What is a Gallery?
  • Writing about art

Discussion tour/
Language tour
1 hour
$165 per group
Max 15 students per group

Art workshop
2 hours (including tour)
$225 per group
Max 15 students per group
Includes materials and equipment

Asian artist workshop
1 hour (including tour)
$225 per group
Max 15 students per group
Includes materials and equipment

3 hours (+ 1 hour break)
$375 per group
Max 15 students per group
Includes materials and equipment

Study mornings
1 hour + exhibition viewing
$3 (+ $7 student exhibition entry, if applicable) per student

Self-guided visits
Free (+ $7 per student exhibition entry, if applicable)

Researching the library
Free, for groups of 15 or less

Bookings and prepayment essential
Make a booking