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An image of Boy playing the pipe by Mennecy-Villeroy porcelain

Mennecy-Villeroy porcelain

(France 1750 – circa 1773)

Boy playing the pipe
circa 1750
Media category
Materials used
soft-paste porcelain

17.7 x 8.4 x 7.0 cm

On loan from Kenneth Reed
Accession number
15th–19th c European art
Further information

From the evidence of factory inventories, Mennecy produced groups of musicians in the period 1762–65. A number of examples of pairs or groups of child musicians are known, both coloured and in the white, and probably date from this period. However the present example along with a girl playing the hurdy-gurdy (L2012.132) give the impression of being earlier. The greyish paste, prone to imperfections, the slightly dull palette and the absence of cherubic sweetness in the faces suggest a date perhaps shortly after the move to Mennecy.

Bibliography (1)

Richard Beresford, Eighteenth - Century European Porcelain in the Kenneth Reed collection, Sydney, 2012, 74, 75 (colour illus.). 88

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