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An image of Jar by Cizhou ware

Cizhou ware

(China  – )

Place of origin
Henan ProvinceChina
Hebei ProvinceChina
Yuan dynasty 1279 - 1368 → China
late 13th century-14th century
Media category
Materials used
stoneware with black glaze decoration

23.2 x 29.2 cm

Signature & date
Not signed. Not dated.
Purchased 1965
Accession number
Not on display
Further information

The most varied in shape and decorative techniques of the northern kiln wares were those of Cizhou, a diverse group of stonewares produced at a very large number of kilns distributed over the provinces of Henan and Hebei. Predominantly a monochrome ware glazed white, black or brown, the types of decoration include engraving or incising through a slip, the so-called cut-away design (when the slip is cut away to leave the design in the positive on the bare body) and painting over a slip. The potteries employed fine draughtspeople and in addition to slip decoration they occasionally used low-fired coloured glazes for decoration. This jar is a charming and unusual example.

The Asian Collections, AGNSW, 2003, pg.103.

Bibliography (2)

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Exhibition history (1)

Chinese Ceramics, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 11 Aug 1965–12 Sep 1965