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An image of Censer in the form of a kneeling woman by Sawankhalok ware

Sawankhalok ware

(Thailand  – )

Censer in the form of a kneeling woman
Other titles:
Figure of a kneeling woman
A Sawankhalok kneeling woman
Sawankhalok ware figurine
Place of origin
15th century-16th century
Media category
Materials used

7.2 cm

Purchased 1989
Accession number
Upper Asian gallery
Further information

The shape of this piece is unknown in the underglaze black repertoire, but found in the so-called 'brown and pearl' wares. This characteristically small example is an incense holder in the form of a kneeling woman. Miniature wares are a hallmark of Sawankhalok, and not found in the more limited Sukhothai repertoire.

Excerpt from The Asian Collections, AGNSW, 2003, pg.329.

Bibliography (3)

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Exhibition history (1)

Conversations through the Asian collections, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 25 Oct 2014–05 Sep 2015

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