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An image of Yogo (shell necklace) by

Rapigu, Goroka District, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea

Yogo (shell necklace)
Place of origin
RapiguGoroka DistrictEastern Highlands ProvincePapua New Guinea
Cultural origin
Benabena people
mid 20th century
collected 1972
Media categories
Jewellery, Weaving
Materials used
25 large cowrie shells (Ovula ovum), green snail shell (Turbo marmoratus), plaited plant-fibre cord, rattan

overall 140 cm length; 6.0 cm depth; green snail shell 13.5 cm length; cowrie shells 7.0 to 10.0 cm length:

Dimensions variable; 138 cm; outside cord circumference (approx.)

Gift of Stan Moriarty 1977
Accession number
© Benabena people, under the endorsement of the Pacific Islands Museums Association's (PIMA) Code of Ethics
Not on display
Bibliography (1)

Natalie Wilson (Editor), Plumes and pearlshells: art of the New Guinea highlands, Sydney, 2014, 110 (colour illus.), 162. 56

Exhibition history (1)

Plumes and pearlshells: art of the New Guinea highlands, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 30 May 2014–10 Aug 2014

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