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ZHANG Zhuanxiang

(China  – )

ZHOU Jiwei

(China  – )

A folding fan with a landscape painting ‘Sound of Pines and the flowing spring' after Wang Hui (1632-1717) and a calligraphy in seal script
Place of origin
Media category
Materials used
ink and colour on paper

31.3 x 51.6 cm

Gift of Dr. James Hayes 2009
Accession number
Not on display
Further information

The landscape painting by Zhang Zhuanxiang is followed by an inscription which reads, ‘In the summer of the year 'wuzi' (1948), Yaonan came to visit me and requested me to paint a landscape on a fan. I therefore sat beside the rainy window, and painted this ‘Sound of Pines and the flowing spring’ after Wang Hui [1632-1717], for his appraisal. Zhang Zhuanxiang, Recluse of Cold Plum Blossom.

The inscription is followed by a signature seal: ‘Zhuanxiang’. On the back of the fan is calligraphy in seal script, which is a copy of the inscription cast on a Western Zhou (c 11th century-771 BCE) bronze vessel. It is followed by an inscription: ‘for the appraisal of the brother Yaonan, by Zhou Jiwei. There are two signature seals.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, August 2009.

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