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An image of Chicken-balls by Nicola Costantino
Alternate image of Chicken-balls by Nicola Costantino

Nicola Costantino

(Argentina 1964 – )

Media category
Materials used
polyester resin

installation dimensions variable:

a - ball; 14 cm; diam.

b - ball; 20 cm; diam.

c - ball; 25 cm; diam.

d - ball; 30 cm; diam.

Signature & date
Not signed. Not dated.
Gift of the artist 2000
Accession number
© Nicola Costantino
Not on display
Further information

Costantino’s work has frequently included cadavers as its main subject. The idea came to her as the simple act of eating beyond basic human needs, eating for pleasure. The artist explores this concept with her interest focused on the consume of animals but not from a critical point of view but simply looking at the carnivorous culture she comes from, and what happens when we are face to face with the animal we are about to eat.

'Chicken-balls' are casts of chicken foetuses rolled up in a ball. Why is there a difference between seeing a chicken on our plate and seeing it outside that context? Why are we disgusted by the latter? Costantino replies: “Everything is cultural… Why does it make you feel sick to see an unborn animal outside what its context could be? That is cultural. It is sickening because it is outside the system of what is accepted.” 1

1. accessed June 2009