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Charles Kerry

(Australia 1858 – 1928)

136-149 (A): 136-137. 'Melandiga', warrior, Clarence River, NSW 138. Aboriginal warrior, Namoi River, NSW 139. Aboriginal warrior, Warrego River, NSW 140. Aboriginal warrior, Mary River, Queensland 141. 'Burrabadah', warrior, Two-fold Bay, NSW 142. Aboriginal warrior, Snowy Mountains, NSW 143. 'Wharangoo', warrior, Tenterfield tribe, NSW 144. 'Graamoni', warrior, Cootamundra tribe, NSW 145. Aboriginal warrior, Boogoolmurra tribe, Queensland 146. 'Warryne', warrior, Yass tribe, NSW 147. Aboriginal warrior, South Coast, NSW 148. Aboriginal warrior, Gilbert River, Queensland 149. Aboriginal warrior, Boogooimurra tribe, Queensland 106-120 (B): 106-107. 'Cunningham' warrior, Armidale NSW 108. Aboriginal warrior, Bogan River tribe NSW 109. Aboriginal warrior, Monaro NSW 110-111. 'Cootajandra' warrior Workii tribe Queensland 112. 'Coongardi' warrior Gilbert River tribe Queensland 113. Aboriginal warrior, prince of wales Island Queensland 114. 'Karundi' warrior, Myall tribe Queensland 115. Aboriginal warrior, Boogoolmurra tribe Queensland 116. Aboriginal warrior, Miccoolin tribe Queensland 117. Aboriginal boy, Port Darwin Queensland 118. Aboriginal woman, Coastal tribe NSW 119. Aboriginal woman, Workii tribe Queensland 120. Aboriginal woman, Workii tribe Queensland
Media category
Materials used
2 gelatin silver photographs

21.8 x 31.0 cm original card:

a - 136-149; 14.4 x 19.1 cm; image/sheet

b - 106-120; 14.8 x 19.3 cm; image/sheet

Signature & date
Not signed. Not dated.
Purchased 1986
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Unable to display image due to cultural restrictions
Not on display
Bibliography (1)

Judy Annear, Portraits of Oceania, Sydney, 1997, 57 (illus.). 67, part 17a

Exhibition history (1)

Portraits of Oceania, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 27 Aug 1997–26 Oct 1997