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Kerry & King

(Australia  – )

16-30 (A): 16. Warriors in ambush. Ceremony in the Bora ground 17. Worshipping the deity. Ceremony in the Bora Ground 18. The Bora rite, or initiation of young men. Novices with heads shrouded 19. Opening the Bora 20. Spearing a wild animal. Ceremony Bora Ground 21. Gathering bird eggs. Ceremony Bora Ground 22. Spearing the wild bull. Ceremony Bora Ground 23. Following the emu. Ceremony Bora Ground 24. Bora rite: Young men waiting the decision of the Chiefs 25. Corroboree - A battle 26. Corroboree - Drafting sheep 27. Corroboree - A tribal fight 28. Corroboree - Healing the stick 29. Tracking 30. Spearing fish B: offset print
circa 1880s
Media categories
Photograph, Reproduction
Materials used
gelatin silver photograph, offset print

21.8 x 31.0 cm original card:

a - 16-30; 19.2 x 14.6 cm; image/sheet

b - letter; 26.3 x 20.8 cm; sheet

Signature & date
Not signed. Not dated.
Purchased 1986
Accession number
Unable to display image due to cultural restrictions
Not on display