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Under the Art Gallery of New South Wales Act 1980, the Gallery’s Board of Trustees, known as the Trust, is made up of 11 trustees – ‘at least two of whom shall be knowledgeable and experienced in the visual arts’.

The Gallery’s executive team comprises the director as well as the deputy director and two assistant directors, who each head a division that reports to the director.

Within the divisions, activities are divided into departments, which are the responsibility of the relevant department head.

There are two management committees: the General Gallery Management Committee and the Curatorial Committee.

The Gallery is also responsible for providing administrative support to three other entities, each with their own board: the Art Gallery of NSW Foundation, VisAsia and the Brett Whiteley Foundation.

The Gallery’s membership organisation, the Art Gallery Society of NSW, is a separate legal entity, managed by the members and a council.

Board and council members and the Gallery’s executive are listed on the following pages:

More information about the Gallery’s organisational structure, management, committees and individual staff members can be found in the Gallery’s annual reports.